Showreel: the baker
feast rising bakery

Feast Rising Bakery – Flour, water, and how you handle the dough.

We create films for all types of businesses, from small start-ups and international brands, to aerial shots of the countryside and the Scottish Widows adverts in the centre of Edinburgh. While every type of job provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes peek into how an industry works, we have to admit there’s one in particular that we have a huge appetite for. You guessed it – we love filming food!

Feast Rising Bakery is based down Arthur Street in Hull and run by the incredibly skilled Patrick Crabtree, the Buddhist baker. Though Patrick’s tasty goods speak for themselves, he has such a great story to tell that we thought it would be a shame to keep it quiet. That’s why this video mixes stunning shots of the man at work, interspersed with anecdotes of how and why he’s devoted his life to the loaf.
Bakery in East Yorkshire
Having worked as a chef and baked bread in pubs for many years, Patrick decided to set up his own business, which is going from strength to strength. This is understandable, as you get a real feel for how passionate he is about his craft thanks to the no-nonsense language he uses. And we have to agree that a baguette truly is a thing of beauty, even when being destroyed by children in a lightsaber fight.

This video was shot in two locations. The bakery was the ideal setting for getting close-ups of Patrick’s methodology, including brilliant shots taken from the back of the oven, and even inside the kitchen sink. We believe this type of footage gives glimpses of the artisan at work from a unique perspective – that of the bread itself.

We take pride in listening to our customers’ stories and using our years of art direction experience to create a storyboard that suits you on a personal level. In Patrick’s case we visited Beverley Westwood, as his philosophy around the importance of connecting with nature is integral to both his life and livelihood. Plus the cleanup was easy – we simply left the crumbs for the local wildlife to enjoy. As for the kids, they’re the mini Emmersons and they were given free reign, which could very well be the beginning of Emmerson Films becoming a family business.
Hand Bread Making in Beverley
This job was directed and shot by Cairn Emmerson, with Aimee Bant working as Production Assistant and operating the B-camera. Supplying behind-the-scenes photography was Julian Ogino-Stamford of Ogino Japanese Restaurant, who we recently worked with for another Brand Story (check it out). Also an accomplished chef, Julian kindly whipped up a pizza between scenes so that we could get some mouthwatering shots of it being made.

Patrick’s skill brings joy to people all around the region and, like his bread, deserves to be shared. We’re delighted with how this video came out, as the feel and flow are true to everything Feast Rising Bakery holds at its core – patience, detail, creativity, and having a little snack to reward yourself after a hard day’s work.

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