Showreel: diving changed my life
scuba dream

Eight Acre Lake in North Cave is a beautiful spot that presents tranquil scenery all year round. Meanwhile, beneath the surface of the water, Scuba Dream helps people of all ages and abilities to discover an entire universe that they never knew existed.

We met up with John Atkin, an instructor at Scuba Dream who had suffered from regular panic attacks after leaving the army. It was here that he found a new calling, dedicating countless hours and unparalleled passion to his training. This led to him progressing all the way from a tentative beginner to an expert instructor who is a big hit with visitors.

Whilst John’s descriptions of Eight Acre Lake are wonderfully evocative, the team at Emmerson Films never miss an opportunity to capture spectacular environments on camera. We dove right in and joined him to explore its majestic depths, complete with some memorable shots of an underwater vending machine and even some aquatic ironing.
Bakery in East Yorkshire
The aesthetic juxtapositions of this site are a filmmaker’s dream, with gradually decaying wrecks offering sanctuary to all manner of fish and freshwater life. Getting a glimpse of these on a screen beforehand greatly increases the likelihood of a wannabe diver getting in touch with Scuba Dream, which also organises events that range from barbecues and a Halloween night dive special, to trips to the Faroe Islands where you can play with the seals.

Mike Mudryck, Scuba Dream’s Managing Director, also joined us for a quick interview. Rather than giving a sales pitch, we all agreed that Mike further explaining how John’s involvement with the company has enhanced his wellbeing would strengthen the storytelling aspect. The result is a true tale of how one man overcame his anxiety and became part of a growing family, which is as heart-warming as it is inspiring.

On a personal note, we highly recommend taking a look at the Scuba Dream website. With a range of courses and experiences that are both thrilling and freeing, we wholeheartedly agree with John when he says that it’s the most amazing place you could imagine.