Showreel: promotional video
seaskin drysuits

You may have noticed that we’re big fans of the great outdoors and discovering new places through physical activities. As individuals, this allows us to keep fit and share exciting experiences, and from a business perspective it enables us to meet amazing people from companies that we may otherwise never come across. A perfect example is Richard Hurdman, Managing Director of Seaskin Drysuits.

We’re no strangers to putting on a drysuit and taking our film equipment underwater, so it seemed fitting that we meet up with the man who has put his expertise to its full potential and developed a leading provider of diving apparel.

Richard’s passion for the industry and commitment to quality is clear from the start, as he explains how Seaskin Drysuits got to where it is today. Recognising a gap in the market for made to measure and entirely customised drysuits, the company has been going for ten years and was built on two decades of previous experience.
Bakery in East Yorkshire
Choosing Leeds as their home due to it having a long history and impressive reputation for tailored clothing, the business has gone from strength to strength and is trusted by weekend recreationalists and professional divers alike.

This short film puts a lot of focus into the manufacturing process, which ranges from handmade details to machine testing. With each suit taking into account the individual customer’s size, requirements and preferences, everything from the placement of seals and zips to the size of the pockets has to be absolutely spot on. This means that the team at Seaskin Drysuits is made up of diligent experts who apply true craftsmanship to every aspect of the product.

By filming close-ups of this comprehensive methodology, the viewer gets to appreciate the painstaking care that goes into these truly reliable drysuits. And we can vouch for their performance too, as we didn’t just film them, we’re also satisfied customers!